Themes and topics

Participants are invited to submit abstracts revisiting the flagship themes of the EuroGOOS conferences in the light of recent developments in ocean observations in Europe:

A.  In-situ and remote sensing observations: towards a European Ocean Observing System (EOOS) in the framework of the UN Ocean Decade

  • Coordination of ocean observing capacities at regional and global scale;
  • Use of research infrastructures to support oceanography;
  • In-situ observations: present and emerging technologies, new biological and chemical observations; climate observations;
  • New concept of “transversal support infrastructure” for research infrastructures including metrology;
  • Data management: harmonization at European and global levels;
  • Satellite remote sensing: new products, new sensors, new missions;
  • How European Research Infrastructures will help to build a strong European network of observing system operators.

B.  Ocean modelling and forecasting: extending and improving predictability: Global, regional, shelf and coastal forecasting systems, towards the Digital Twin of the Ocean:

  • Assessment of forecasting skill, metrics;
  • Data assimilation: new sources, new schemes;
  • Ecosystem models: present and future developments;
  • Next generation ocean models: coupling atmosphere, ocean and biochemistry;
  • Combining models and data for environmental assessments.

C.  Meeting end-user needs and supporting marine development

  • New oceanographic products and services for users;
  • Building an interface with users through a structured collection of and dialogue on their requirements and a service assessment process;
  • Promoting the use and uptake of operational oceanographic products;
  • Responsible Research and Innovation in European oceanography: ensuring stakeholder co-design and maximize use and efficiency;
  • Fostering links to industry to enhance European competitiveness through new and existing ocean businesses.