Plenary session 5 : Forward look in European Oceanography

Big Data in Marine Science: Supporting the European Green Deal, the EU Biodiversity

Sheila Heymans, Executive Director of European Marine Board (EMB)

Award ceremony for the EuroGOOS Kostas Nittis award to early career researchers

Conference findings and recommendations by breakout session chairs

Moderator : Inga Lips, Secretary General EuroGOOS

New trends in observing technologies

Laurent Delauney, Ifremer, France / Co-Chair of the EuroGOOS Technologiy Working Group

Improved knowledge of Ocean Health and Climate

Jun She, DMI, Denmark / Chair of EuroGOOS Science Advisory Working Group

Advancement and synergies of European Research Infrastructures

Vanessa Cardin, OGS, Italie / Chair of EuroGOOS MONGOOS

Integration and management of ocean data

Sylvie Pouliquen, Ifremer, France / Chair of EuroGOOS Data Management, Exchange and Quality Working Group

Advancement in ocean modelling

Ghada El Serafy, Deltares, Netherlands / Co-Chair of EuroGOOS Coastal working group and EuroGOOS Executive Directors Board Member

Improved services and products 

Enrique Alvarez, Puertos del Estado, Spain / EuroGOOS Executive Directors Board Member

9th Conference statement

George Petihakis, EuroGOOS Chair